A Second Chance

"There are two types of people in the IT world, those with proper automated backups, and those that havent lost everything yet" - A Weary IT Support Technician


We provide your computers with an easy to use software program that runs for the entire time the PC is on. It backs up files on a regular basis to ‘the cloud’, keeping multiple versions of your files on multiple servers to make sure they never go missing, it requires no intervention and can integrate with our content management system to allow users to access the files securely fom anywhere via their website.


What is 'The Cloud?'

The cloud is really just another name for the Internet, as broadband gets faster add storage gets cheaper. It has become straight forward for users to be able to use servers all over the world to store data.

Is it secure?

Absolutely, our servers use 128 bit encryption. To ensure the data is transmitted and stored in the cloud securely. It uses the same technology that ecommerce sites use to take your card details.

How regular are your backups?

As often as you like, the software allows you to set up the timeframe and regularity of the backups. Just keep in mind, storage B charged but the gigabyte so if you choose to store multiple file versions very often your costs will go up.

Where are they located?

We use servers based in reading and Guildford to store our data meaning your data never leaves the country.

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