Content Managed Websites

A content managed website means a site with a secure area that the owner can log into and change. It allows sites to be kept up to date without the owner having to request changes from the development company, this means quicker updates and less running costs.
Connected Worlds own Content Management System has been a labour of love for over 2 years with constant revisions and tweaks to make it easier to use and have more features. 


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A Selection Of Available Features...

Page Designer

At the core of the content management system , this allows you to manage your navigation menus and create and edit pages at will. Add text, images, slideshows, videos and more in almost any layout you wish.

Media Management

Another core function, images uploaded are automatically optimised so have up as little space as possible, they can then be cropped and rotated to fit perfectly in your site. You can also videos to the site or through Youtube.

Social Media

Let your users keep up to date with you through Twitter, Facebook, Linked In, Youtube and more automatically. If you add a story to your site, this pack can immediately post it on your social media sites so everyone knows.


If you produce an email newsletter every so often, our system can automatically send it out to your subscribers whenever you choose. It allows them to unsubscribe easily to so they never feel pestered.

Cart System

Online shopping made easy. The cart system allows you to sell products online through your own site, and users can pay in a variety of ways.

Ticket Selling

Sell tickets to courses, events, gigs or anything else simply and easily

Secure Areas

If you wish to have a private area for registered users or staff, this is what you need. It gives you a fine level of control of who has access to what


Allow your users to donate online to you as a one off or monthly via Paypal, Debit cards, Text Messages and more. manage them online or export the information to your preferred program. You can also link to Just Giving pages should anyone be hosting an event.

Branding Pack

This allows you to create printable letterheads, compliment slips and business cards automatically. So when you change staff or move offices, you can easily create the new versions without it costing you a penny.

Search Engine Pack

Whether you use us for your online marketing, another company, or do it yourself. This back shows you simplified information from Google Analytics and other sources to make sure things are being done right.

Much more is also available.. like Webcam Streaming, Calendar Integration, Interactive maps.. the list goes on