What's In A Name.

As the Internet grows, competition for good domain names increases but so does the list of extensions (.com .co.uk etc.) to choose from.  
Feel free to use our domain name checker to see if your perfect one is still available, type the domain name in (without 'www.') and click search.


Domain Search

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So how do you know what to pick?

Your company name is an obvious choice, but does it tell new customers and search engines what you do?

Often an additional address that better demonstrates what your company does can have a far greater effect on people finding and remembering your website. Multiple addresses can point a single websites without problems, and it may be worth your company taking advantage of that.


Domain registration is a complementary service provided by Connected Worlds to it’s premium or private hosting customers. We can also advice and purchase domain names on behalf of all our customers, from only £9.99 per year.